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About Us

Who are we?

We are an agricultural company located in the area of ​​Piura, we started our activities a few years ago, dedicated to the cultivation and export of lemon, in addition to the care and protection of the diversity of wild fauna of our country. Being an active part of the rescue of wild species commercialized illegally.


Market agricultural products and provide services to our customers with high quality ethical management and environmental awareness, having as our competitive and fundamental strength our human capital.
Investigate and conserve the representative species of flora and fauna of Peru, providing cultural, educational and recreational experiences for visitors and the community, strengthening our national identity.


To be leaders in the commercialization of agricultural products, based on efficient and productive management, thus being a company with socially and ecologically responsible values, To be an institution recognized nationally and internationally in the promotion of the natural heritage of Peru, which integrates the Zoology and botany in one space.

Our Values



We will maintain a constant search for new and ingenious solutions that allow us to differentiate ourselves and fully satisfy the demanding requirements of our clients. Both in the agricultural sector and in the conservation of the species of our ecosystem.



We will do our best to satisfy the requirements of our customers, suppliers and business partners in the best possible way.


Generosity and altruism

Promote the welfare, development, growth and health of third parties with disinterested acts of support. Let us help the community support to institutions in solidarity with wildlife and domestic animals allowing them security and quality of life.